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Coronavirus response EUMOFA's weekly data and trends analysis Week 20

In Spain, in Galicia, the mackerel campaign ended while that of sardine started. In Galician auctions, mackerel prices averaged at 1,03 EUR/kg so far in 2020, which was 33% lower compared to 2019 campaign (when catches were about half) and 3% higher than in 2018 (when catches were higher).

In France, several long-trip trawlers went back fishing in the Channel targeting whitefish rather than monk for which demand is still low. FranceAgriMer data on weekly auction sales (excluding the Mediterranean seaboard) shows a 19%-decrease in volume for the 31 main species from week 19 to week 20. The average price slightly decreased (-7%) mostly because of the decreased share of higher valued species, although decreased sales volumes for several main species led to significant price increases (+62% for haddock, +97% for whiting, +19% for rays, +44% for sardine).

In five auctions in Denmark (Hanstholm, Hirtshals, Strandby, Grenaa and Skagen), total sales were higher in week 20 compared to week 19, but prices continue to rise: the weekly average price increased by 21%, ending at 2,47 EUR/kg**. The Danish Fishermen's Producer Organisation (DFPO) has yet again prolonged its recommended limitations to the fishery of Norway lobster at the same level as in week 17.

In Dutch auctions, first-sale prices have increased two weeks in a row (week 19 and 20). That of common sole in week 20 increased to reach the same level as in 2019 and 2018. For plaice, brill and turbot, prices seem to be recovering but are respectively still around 10%, 12% and 35% lower than in week 20 of previous two years. For week 21, the POs have removed the restrictions on fishery efforts for sole, but kept those on shrimp and Norway lobster fisheries.

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Vad är SFPO?

Sveriges Fiskares Producentorganisation (SFPO) är Sveriges största organisation för yrkesfiskare och arbetar för att tillvarata våra medlemmars intressen.

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Vad är MSC?

För SFPO och våra medlemmar är hållbarhet en viktig grundprincip. Flera av de fisken som SFPO:s medlemmar ägnar sig åt är MSC-certifierade och processen pågår för att certifiera ännu fler fisken.

Det senaste dryga decenniet har intresset för MSC-certifiering ökat enormt bland konsumenter, fiskerier, livsmedelskedjor, fiskhandlare och grossister som säljer fisk till konsumenter.

För mer information om MSC se MSC - Västkustfisk (

Kontaktperson är Linda Frithiof
Tel: 070-282 69 76
E-post: [email protected]

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Bli medlem

SFPO är Sveriges största yrkesfiskeorganisation, med runt 250 medlemsfartyg. Vi har medlemmar från Strömstad till Haparanda och fartygens storlek varierar från under 5 meter i längd till strax över 34 meter.

Alla yrkesfiskare är välkomna som medlemmar!

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