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DNV: Norway Skagerrak and Norwegian Deep cold water prawn - MSC Fisheries update

Dear Stakeholders


DNV Business Assurance (DNV) is pleased to announce that the Norway Skagerrak and Norwegian Deep cold water prawn fishery is recertified to the MSC Fishery standard for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability.

The 15 working day period during which previously involved stakeholders could have lodged a notice of objection to DNV's determination that the fishery should be recertified closed on 29 October 2021. No objections were received and therefore, the determination that this fishery should continue with their certification  still holds.

The recertified fishery has the right to claim the fishery is a “Well Managed and Sustainable Fishery”, in accordance with the MSC’s Principles and Criteria for Sustainable Fishing. Further claims made about the fishery shall be in accordance with rules established by MSCI. The MSC eco label may now be applied to Norway Skagerrak and Norwegian Deep cold water prawn fishery products of catches taken from this fishery after the agreed eligibility date of 14 December 2021 by those companies with appropriate Chain of Custody certification in place.

The documents can be downloaded from MSC website:


DNV would like to take the opportunity to thank all contributors to the process.

We also welcome any suggestions regarding stakeholders who may wish to receive future updates for this fishery.

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